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The key to  innovative training and education solutions 

The Art of Storytelling

We learn a variety of ways, but perhaps one of the most effective methods is engaging storytelling.

So, what makes for engaging storytelling?



It all comes down to the delivery. The storyteller needs to be interesting, different, passionate, and of course knowledgeable. 

But what happens when we add an innovative environment that is as unique as the storyteller?

You end up with an exciting and relatable product that leaves you wanting more. 

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, the latest YKA production, has combined key ingredients, including an interesting narrator, unique environment, and knowledgeable content, to present the first of its kind in elearning. It’s not your run of the mill eLearn, it’s the right amount of quirky, sprinkled with a seasoning of humour, a dash of spectacular, and lashings of relevant information, not just for the corporate industry, but suitable for anyone in any leadership role and industry, who seeks to gain practical tips on being a better, more emotionally consistent  leader.

Watch the video below to view one of the distinctive videos, which sets the scene of the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership eLearning program!  

YKA is providing complimentary access to a select number of companies to view module one of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership.

For more information on this production, please download the information brochure here

Please contact us for access to Module One.